Lined www.mjbxf.composite steel pipe
Core Tip: lined with plastic www.mjbxf.composite pipe
     Product Introduction
     Lined www.mjbxf.composite steel to high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and food grade plastic pipe as the matrix, using high temperature and pressure of the seven advanced patented technology plastic pipe lining deposited in the pipe wall is made. Lined www.mjbxf.composite steel quality meets CJ / T136-2001 standards, health performance in line with "drinking water distribution equipment and protective materials evaluation of health and safety standards" (2001).
     ☆ good corrosion resistance and can transport liquid metal body is fully effective isolation, only contact with the polyethylene coating, with good anti-corrosion effect, can effectively extend the life of the pipeline. Under normal circumstances, the zinc coating up to parties the anti-corrosion requirements, when using the right environment is more severe (eg acidic environment) can be used both inside and outside the plastic www.mjbxf.composite pipe lining layer.
     ☆ excellent mechanical strength plastic-lined www.mjbxf.composite steel and galvanized steel pipe has the same excellent mechanical strength, impact, bending, external pressure and intensity of the impact has strong endurance.
     ☆ good hygiene performance plastic food grade epoxy coating or polyethylene powder form, non-toxic, odorless, no pollution to water, health indicators in line with national standards of living water pipeline references.

     ☆ fluid resistance lining plastic www.mjbxf.composite pipe wall is smooth, friction coefficient, flow speed, easy accumulation of scale, small fluid resistance, the water flow is not blocked.

Name: plastic-lined www.mjbxf.composite pipe
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